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 - Creation of the detailed project plan

 - First 3D VR glasses concept for the NFTs art

 - First NFT art style concept for the project

 - 3D concept for the VR entertainment arcade

 - Official project webpage launch

 - Social media page launch

 - Discord channel launch

 - The public launch of the VR Gaming NFT project


- Genesis collection creation with the 200 NFTs
 - Marketing campaign launch
 - Collaborations with other NFT projects
 - STAGE ONE and part of STAGE TWO whitelist spot distribution

 - Finalization of the utility list of genesis collection
 - Creation and deployment of the smart contract for the genesis mint
 - The genesis collection minting


- Establishing an “LTD” company, fund transfer, conversion and legalization. 

      *Financial reports will be published once every quarter.
 - Use of the genesis funds to develop STAGE TWO and hire new team members
 - Collaboration establishment with multiple other NFT projects
 - Collaboration with influencers for project promotion
 - Creation of the STAGE TWO 6444 NFTs collection
 - Creation and deployment of the smart contract for the STAGE TWO collection

 - Execution of the STAGE TWO Pre-sale and Public sale


- Use in STAGE TWO acquired funds to develop first VR Gaming arcades
 - Turn VR Gaming location-based business into a franchise
 - Development of the STAKING system for the Genesis NFT holders
 - Collaborations with virtual reality game development companies
 - Partnerships with VR hardware manufacturing and development companies
 - Collaborations with other VR/Metaverse related NFT projects
 - Establishment of a VR eSports league
 - Partnerships with current VR eSport organizations

 - Financial support programme creation for the new VR Gaming Franchise owners
 - Themed location-based event organization for the VR Gaming NFTs holders
 - Promised utility implementation for the NFT holders
 - Business growth and expansion globally 


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