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Our main goal is to use the NFT market to acquire capital for creating multiple virtual reality gaming arcades globally and turn the brand into a franchise. 6644 cyberpunk/sci-fi art style NFTs will be launched for minting and trading on the platform. 

Unique NFT crowdfunding project


Genesis collection will have a supply of max. 200 individually created NFTs. 100% of the earnings will be used to develop Stage Two. This collection will have some extra utilities such as; Guaranteed WL spot with extra mint for the Stage two, One free Stage Two NFT airdrop,  Revenue share from the VR Gaming Franchised arcades. 

50% funds  invested in opening NEW VR Arcades globally

With 100% NFTs minted, we expect to open around 8 new arcades, each one in different Europes country and also in the USA.  First opened VR arcade will be used as a guideline for the franchise.

10% funds donated to support new business owners

10% of all the funds, will be used to support our first Franchise owners, that wants to open a business in their region. Support will be granted in goods as VR equipment.

Online and location based VR gaming tournaments

Establishing our own VR eSports league and also partner up with already established organizations. Exclusive location and online based tournaments with large prize pools will be organized frequently for all our community and NFT holders.

We have what it takes!

​Our first VR Gaming arcade was created back in 2017. We have all the required business knowledge, insight in VR technology and the entertainment industry to create a successful Brand and turn it into Franchise. 

Art Style and custom VR headsets

Unique style, custom 3D VR headsets designed specifically for the Genesis collection. These will be one of the most important items in all of our NFT collections as the VR headset is the key element for gateway into the metaverse. 

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One of the first VR location based entertainment business in the Latvia founded in 2017. VR Gaming is the leading VR entertainment business in the country, with four separate rooms and total space of 180m2. We provide B2C and B2B services at the location and also for the off-site events. Multiple high rank companies have already chosen our VR Gaming for their staff team building events. 

Discounts and entry into the VR Gaming Arcades

Different themed events will be organised for the community in the physical arcade locations. All the NFTs holders will have a priority entry. Multiple events will be organised across the year in all the franchised VR Gaming arcades.

Additionally, all NFT holders will have a special discounts to all services and a limited free monthly entry in any of the VR Gaming franchised arcades.

Ticket to gaming tournaments

We will to reach out to some of the best VR game developers as “Beatsaber, Pavlov, Population one, Elven assassin” to partner with them in creating global tournaments in our franchised arcades and online for all our community members. Also we will create our own VR eSports league and partner up with already established organizations. VR Gaming NFTs will work as a entry pass into all of our organized VR gaming tournaments.

Access to private community channels

After the minting, three additional discord channels will be added, one for franchise holders that will be used to manage the Arcade businesses, second one for the Genesis NFT holders and third one for the VR Gaming enthusiasts, that will have a special role for all VR Gaming NFTs holders, who will have access to exclusive information for the special events and VR Gaming eSport tournaments.

Holders will be able to participate in a weekly raffles to gain free VR Game keys.

VR Gaming 


First 25 NFTs minted from STAGE TWO collection will come with exclusive rights to the franchise worth 35 000 euros. They can be traded, but each NFT can only be used once to claim the franchise rights. Any person who will want to buy or claim the free franchise rights, will have to go through the evaluation process for us to make sure that the individual will be able to carry out all the brand values.

Main NFT utility

Giveaways ''STAGE 2''

More utilities will be added during development phase

Artwork content - PFP Avatar, displayed in half body size. The shape of the avatar will be humanoid. All avatars will have a futuristic/cyberpunk style virtual reality headset on them.

200 NFTs 

10 Oculus Quest 2 

We want to support some of our first community members with helping them to make their first steps into a VR Gaming world, therefore, first 500 members who will mint their NFT will participate in a raffle to win one of the 10 Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets

Rewarding first supporters

​Firs 200 people to mint one or more NFTs will acquire unique PRINT artwork. First 500 people to mint one or more NFTs will acquire free merchandise of their choice, limited to one per wallet.


​Hi, my name is Janis and I'm the Founder of the VR Gaming NFT project. Back in 2017, after my studies in marketing and business management, I created one of the first VR Gaming Arcades in Latvia, which currently is the leading VR entertainment business in the country. I have managed a way how to combine my gaming passion with work, by creating a sustainable business that uses game entertainment as the main service.

For business propositions send email to [ ]

Our Goal is to create a successful NFT project and use most of the profits to open physical VR Arcades across the world. Accelerate VR Technology adaptation into the mass consumer market by becoming one of the leading VR Arcade franchises in the world. Create one of the strongest like-minded communities by organising multiple location and online based events, including tournaments.

Project founder
  Janis Vinovskis

Highest education degree in business and marketing management with 10+ years work experience in the business industry.

Community manager
  Einars Koops

Professional degree in IT, +5 year years of experience working as developer and sysadmin. Hobbyist in crypto field.

Linked In profile
Designer / Artist
  Anete Vinovska

Bachelor degree in interior design & masters degree in enviromental art/design. 10+ years experience working with graphic design, advertising & 3D modeling.


Collection will consist only of 200 individually created 3D Art-style NFTs that will have one of 20 unique characters and properties. All the funds gained from Genesis mint will be used to develop Stage two. 



Execution of the full project plan of creating 6444 NFTs that would include Public sale and Whitelist presale. Establishment of the "LTD" company to legalize the funds and hire more team members and project developers. 



Creation of the first VR Gaming arcade financed by the NFTs project. Turning VR Gaming business into a franchise. Providing the utility to the NFT holders. VR Gaming brand expansion to the global market.


VR Arcade Franchise: CONCEPT

The following 3D VR Gaming arcade modul was created based on the experience gained from the actual VR Gaming arcade that has been in business since 2017.  Arcade will consist of six different zones; Reception and bar, chill out zone, multi station VR zone, SIM racing zone, Free roam VR arena, two private VIP rooms.

Business that accepts cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency is the future and key element for the NFT space, therefore we plan to integrate a payment system in our virtual reality arcades that will allow clients to pay for our services in cryptocurrency.  This will only apply for the countries where its not against the local regulations. 

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